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Net Mag “Design Challenge” ideas

I recently wrote to net magazine regarding their “Website Build-Off section” with some solid ideas to inject energy into what was becoming, in my opinion, a bit of a tired format – and they’ve been gracious enough to put them (edited-down) in print: Not only that, but they’ve also invited readers to comment, as well […]

The Shard, finished

Ever thought The Shard looks like they forgot to finish it off? See how it could have looked if they had…

Business and Financial Resources

Recently I’ve come across some stellar links to pages or videos regarding the business and financial side to development, so I thought I’d put them all in one place, and add to them as I find them: Open-Source Ain’t Free Great talk on making money from Open Source by the guy who coded Isotope Harvest […]

Open Source Project Map

London Tube map inspired exploration of all my open source and personal projects to date

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  • mashifesto_beards
  • mashifesto_workspace
  • mashifesto_intro
  • mashifesto_Layer 1
  • mashifesto_mashifesto_1
  • mashifesto_mashifesto_2
  • mashifesto_mashifesto_3
  • mashifesto_posters
  • mashifesto_stickers


Twitter mash-up, winning 3rd place at the Digital Sizzle Art Hack 2013

A bit about me…

Creative technologist & web developer, with 15 years+ of client work for the world’s leading companies and brands as well as continued Open Source contributions to various languages, projects, frameworks, plugins, and numerous self-launched projects.

Lists ‘n’ links

Clients, wins, and links

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F1: Global Broadcast Report

HTML/CSS/JS development for data-driven end-of-year report for Formula One