The Shard, finished

As a Londoner, I’m lucky-enough to have the beautiful Shard just a stone’s throw away; in fact I can even see it from my bedroom window at night.

But in all honesty, I’m not sure if the whole “shard” idea has really paid off – it just looks unfinished, especially when you get a view of it with the maintenance crane in shot.

So it’s time to turn to PhotoShop to see how The Shard could have looked if they hadn’t have been so fancy-schmancy with their clever ideas. Click the image below to see before and after shots…

Personally, I think The Shard with a point on top looks absolutely bad-ass.

But strangely, comparing the “finished-looking” shard to the “finished” version, makes me appreciate the shard-i-ness of the original a little more. Especially when it’s lit up at night.

Hi-res image here. Idea inpsired by a Joel Brittain Facebook post, with image courtesy of Wikipedia.


  1. Aron

    Thank you so much for making this image which clearly demonstrates what most Londoners thought it’s finished design should’ve looked like in the first place, and how much better it would’ve been for it. In fact, your image is even better than I’d imagined. Now we begin the petition to Boris…

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