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Open Source Project Map

London Tube map inspired exploration of all my open source and personal projects to date

Bill Bunny

Bill management application for flat sharers



Experiment in time and visual numerical/temporal-patterns

Angry Tennis Birds

Online application allowing you to play along on the BBC website with grunting tennis players to the sounds of Angry Birds


Lost Angel: Flash microsite

Animation and interaction-rich Flash micro-site for one of London’s leading destination bars.

Disney Channel: Halloween

2D and 3D animation mixed to create a spooky Halloween ident

  • balham-night-01
  • balham-night-02
  • balham-night-03
  • balham-night-04
  • balham-night-05
  • balham-night-06
  • balham-night-07
  • balham-night-08
  • balham-night-09
  • balham-night-10

Balham Night

Social networking & mapping experiment

  • jetix-02
  • jetix-03
  • jetix-04
  • jetix-05
  • jetix-06
  • jetix-07
  • jetix-08
  • jetix-09
  • jetix-10
  • jetix-11
  • jetix-12
  • jetix-13
  • jetix-14
  • jetix-15
  • jetix-16
  • jetix-17
  • jetix-18

Jetix: “My Jetix” promo

Highly-scripted 3D animation sequence

Nocturnal Groove: Visuals

Club and festival visuals for chart-toppers Shapeshifter


My final showreel from my animation days