Universal: Fast & Furious Game

Flash racing game for Tokyo Drift official film site


The Fast and the Furious is a series of American action films which centers on illegal street racing and heists. Tokyo Drift is the 3rd in the series and enters into the underground world of “drift” racing and Tokyo’s crime underworld.


The game was written in ActionScript 2 and the particular challenge for this was to reproduce the “drifting” car dynamics to such a level that would feel fun to drive, but also be doable within the short turnaround.

Ultimately I turned to simple particle physics, gravity and attraction to provide the base for the “drifty” feel, sacrificing only a small amount of realism for a big dollop of fun.

The final game has 3 levels distinctly different levels, drifty cars, dynamic skid marks, a dynamic camera system that changes its zoom-level base on car speed, time trials, checkpoints and in the final level, a chase car.

The game is live at the link below, but Universal chose to disable the skidding and physics in the first 3 levels, so make sure you switch to “Drift Mode” at the first opportunity!


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