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Digital products, aimed at consumers


Technical + creative personal projects

Open Source

Open Source libraries for JavaScript developers
  • Nuxt Content Assets Enable locally-located assets in Nuxt Content
  • Spaceman Manage monorepo workspaces with a prompt-based CLI
  • ES Kit A 'pick and mix' library that simplifies writing Elasticsearch code
  • Nuxt Areas Scalable folder management for large Nuxt projects
  • Outliner Convert SVG strokes to outlined fills as a post-export process
  • Alias HQ The end-to-end solution for migrating to and using path aliases
  • Vue Class Store Universal Vue stores you write once and use anywhere
  • Axios Actions Bundle endpoints as callable, reusable services
  • Diary of a Rapid Application Build Development diary of rapidly-building a Trello clone
  • Vuex Pathify Vue / Vuex plugin providing a unified path syntax to Vuex stores
  • State Machine A powerful yet simply-configured JavaScript finite-state machine


Personal development and creative endeavours


Recent commercial and client work
  • FGH Lexicon In-house tooling for global strategic communications consultancy
  • Asterisk Greenfield build of peer to peer securities lending platform
  • Sentiance Journeys Development of data visualisation dashboard for data science firm
  • Clear Bank Development of internal banking systems and tooling
  • FairSquare Greenfield build of car finance and sales platform


The best older work


Older commercial work


Flash websites


HTML websites


3dsmax and After Effects animation


Previous side projects

Personal projects

Apps, experiments and investigations
  • Balham Night Social networking & mapping experiment
  • Open Source Project Map Tube map inspired exploration of my personal and open source projects
  • Mashifesto Twitter mash-up, winning 3rd place at the Digital Sizzle Art Hack 2013
  • Bill Bunny Bill management application for flat sharers
  • future::clock Experiment in time and visual numerical/temporal-patterns
  • Angry Tennis Birds Creative hack to spice up broadcast tennis to the squawks of Angry Birds

Tools & frameworks

Larger, self-contained tools, mainly for developers
  • Laravel Sketchpad Browser-based development playground for your Laravel site
  • Double-O MVC theme framework for Wordpress
  • Processr Online editor to manipulate and generate text, code and data
  • Pocket God Tools Level editing toolkit for iOS game Pocket God, created with xJSFL
  • xJSFL JSFL framework to create tools for the Flash authoring environment

Open Source

Ongoing Open Source releases for various software packages


Insights, opinions, musings...


Thoughts and realisations on the business of software development


Everything I know so far about staying productive and getting more done


Programming concepts explained in plain English with understandable examples


Tips and hacks for software I use every day


Random musings
  • Bio A little about me and my approach
  • Nuxt Mentor required I'm looking for a Nuxt expert to help me level-up my Nuxt skills