Insights, opinions, musings...


Thoughts and realisations on the business of software development

Versioning and releasing larger Chrome extensions

An approach to plan and implement a robust versioning scheme and release schedule – without Semver

The work is never just “the work”

A deep dive on why projects always take longer and a framework to improve future estimation


Everything I know so far about staying productive and getting more done

WorkFlowy "Inboxes"

A WorkFlowy organisational strategy for when you've multiple projects and lots of ideas

Why rocks, pebbles, sand is a productivity trap

Doing the big stuff first can set you up for failure; here's how you should structure your day instead


Programming concepts explained in plain English with understandable examples

A guide to MSAL authentication in Vue

Architect a Vue JS app secured with Microsoft Authentication Library

7 code-style variations for strongly-typed JSON

Destructure raw JSON whilst automatically adding type information


Tips and hacks for software I use every day

WebStorm Power User Manual

The WebStorm features and tools I use everyday to write better code and build bigger apps

WebStorm shortcuts for lightning productivity

Essential WebStorm keyboard shortcuts to make you the most productive developer in the office

25 Finder tips & tactics to speed up your workflow

A treasure trove of solid strategies and hidden gems to wrangle those windows and fly through folders

Hacking WorkFlowy formatting with Stylish

Use a well-known Chrome extension to add new functionality via custom CSS styles


Random musings

My ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting journey

Everything I learned in 3 months of sticking to a keto and fasting regime

On mindsets, mind shifts and wins

A 10-year (ish) retrospective of self-reflection and improvement

How I stopped biting my nails

How I stopped biting my nails and learned to respect my hands

Twosday's hidden analogue symmetry

22:22 is palindromic and ambigramic, but what about its analogue form?

The wrong kind of democracy?

A comparison of the 2015 election results with FPTP vs PR

The Shard, finished

Ever thought The Shard looks like they forgot to finish it off? See how it could have looked if they had...