I'm Dave,

A London-based web developer currently building Control Space.

I pride myself on a tight mix of technical and creative with a passion for product, innovation and experimentation :

Control Space
Todo Emojis
Got Paper

My commercial work is primarily enterprise web apps after years of agency sites and before that titles animation.

Here's a random selection (click to change) :


Twitter mash-up, winning 3rd place at the Digital Sizzle Art Hack 2013

Excel "copy columns" macro

An Excel Macro to partially copy named columns between sheets

The work is never just “the work”

A deep dive on why projects always take longer and a framework to improve future estimation

FGH Lexicon

In-house tooling for global strategic communications consultancy

Nuxt Content Assets

Enable locally-located assets in Nuxt Content

My ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting journey

Everything I learned in 3 months of sticking to a keto and fasting regime

And I’ve recently resumed writing so you can look forward to clear, researched and actionable thinking.

You can also search the site or check my bio.