I'm Dave,

A London-based web developer currently building Control Space.

I pride myself on a tight mix of technical and creative with a passion for product, innovation and experimentation :

Control Space
Todo Emojis
Got Paper

My commercial work is primarily enterprise web apps after years of agency sites and before that titles animation.

I’ve recently resumed writing so you can look forward to clear, researched and actionable thinking.

Here's a recent / random sample of what I've been working on :

How I stopped biting my nails

How I stopped biting my nails and learned to respect my hands

WebStorm Power User Manual

The WebStorm features and tools I use everyday to write better code and build bigger apps

WebStorm shortcuts for lightning productivity

Essential WebStorm keyboard shortcuts to make you the most productive developer in the office

Better FastMail

UX & UI improvements to the FastMail web client

Twosday's hidden analogue symmetry

22:22 is palindromic and ambigramic, but what about its analogue form?

25 Finder tips & tactics to speed up your workflow

A treasure trove of solid strategies and hidden gems to wrangle those windows and fly through folders

Feel free to search the site or find out more here.