Technical + creative personal projects

Only the most recent personal work here, but plenty more in the archive section!

Open Source

Open Source libraries for JavaScript developers

Nuxt Content Assets

Enable locally-located assets in Nuxt Content


Manage monorepo workspaces with a prompt-based CLI

ES Kit

A 'pick and mix' library that simplifies writing Elasticsearch code

Nuxt Areas

Scalable folder management for large Nuxt projects


Convert SVG strokes to outlined fills as a post-export process

Alias HQ

The end-to-end solution for migrating to and using path aliases

Vue Class Store

Universal Vue stores you write once and use anywhere

Axios Actions

Bundle endpoints as callable, reusable services

App Diary

Development diary of rapidly-building a Trello clone

Vuex Pathify

Vue / Vuex plugin providing a unified path syntax to Vuex stores

State Machine

A powerful yet simply-configured JavaScript finite-state machine


Personal development and creative endeavours

Dave Stewart

2021 refresh of

Likely Logic

Holding page for my product development moniker

Branding Experiment

Branding experiment with overlays and colour mapping