A little about me and my approach

I’m one of those annoying people who loves what they do.

I’m constantly thinking of ways to build things, to connect things, how it could be better, or easier, or smoother, or cooler. Shower thoughts become notes, sketches, experiments, repos, releases, then…

Woohoo ! !
Me, cracking the latest big / small idea

And that’s what I aim to bring to the projects and products I work on.


I’ve had an interesting journey through tech; my background is animation and I cut my coding teeth in 3dsmax, After Effects and Flash – in what used to be a very creative TV and advertising agency landscape.

As I transitioned into pure web development, ActionScript became JavaScript, MaxScripts became NPM packages, and micro-sites became web applications.

There’s been a mix of front end and back end along the way, but right now Node, TypeScript & Vue is my stack, with a preference for Jamstack / hybrid sites, tooling and extensions.

I’ve worked freelance, in teams, in small, medium and enterprise-sized companies, on short, medium and multi-year projects as what you might call a senior / lead web application developer.

Right now

I’m focusing on the Indie Hacker dream; releasing my own software and hopefully growing it into a sustainable business:

Moving from developer to consumer / business tools is an interesting one; I’ve only recently started on this road so it’s too early to make any predictions, but Control Space (opens new window) has recently gone into public Beta 🥳.


You can find me / my work / my comments / my likes on GitHub (opens new window) / Gists (opens new window), LinkedIn (opens new window), Reddit (opens new window), Meetup (opens new window), Product Hunt (opens new window), Indie Hackers (opens new window), Stack Overflow (opens new window), CodePen (opens new window), Vue Forum (opens new window), Mixcloud (opens new window), SoundCloud (opens new window) and Vimeo (opens new window).

If you fancy a chat, catch me on Twitter (opens new window).

Bye for now!