Convert SVG strokes to outlined fills as a post-export process


Outliner is a Node package that converts SVG strokes to outlined fills:

process (opens new window)

It is designed for:

  • icon creators; no more locking in those curves and losing your vector tweaks!
  • developers; work with clean SVG conversions and manipulate attributes in code


Outliner came into existance because:

  • outlined strokes are more reliable in the browser environment
  • you want to keep strokes non-outlined in authoring tools
  • tools like Figma (opens new window) and Sketch (opens new window) don’t have flexible enough authoring-time outlining or export options

Automating the conversion of strokes post-export gives the best of both worlds.


Outliner is built on Maker JS (opens new window) and runs as a global service or project dependency, monitoring and converting files as they are exported:





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