Animation Showreel

My final showreel from my animation days

My final animation showreel from when animation was still my thing, circa 2007.

  • London Smile Clinic - Tendrils
  • Channel 5 - Sick as a Parrot
  • Sky One - Ten Ways to Kill an Alien
  • Sky One - So you Think You’re Safe?
  • Fox Kids - Fox Kids Party Christmas Promo
  • Jetix - Your Jetix Promo
  • CITV - Prove It
  • Cable and Wireless - The Doods
  • London Smile Clinic - Meadow
  • Nocturnal Groove - Visuals
  • The Truth About Love - Titles
  • Disney Channel - Halloween Ident

All work uses 3dsmax, After Effects or Adobe Flash.

To see full length clips of some of these titles, check my Vimeo (opens new window) page.


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