19: Microsite

Landing page for Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment stable


Based in Los Angeles, 19 Entertainment is CORE Media Group’s creative production, recording, touring, and artist management arm, responsible for the development and production of both American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

The client wished for an extremely minimal web presence, from the perspective of both design and content, and to apply only the bare minimum of cohesive branding around an already glittering stable of talent.


Working with Skylark Creative as they refined the designs with the client, it became apparent fairly quickly that a single-page load and elegant “Flash-like” HTML experience would be the answer.

At this time there were no SPA’s or JavaScript MVC frameworks, and building a site like this seemed like a gamble, yet at the same time, answered a lot of issues from user-experience, to asset-management, through SEO.

The end result was a single-page JavaScript site with beautiful full-screen imagery, and a fluid jQuery-powered, animated interface that morphed from state to state.

Not only this, but the site was built responsively, before RWD was even an acronym, with the full-screen Artists section resizing content around a central area, and the Browsing section dynamically re-laying out the screen Isotope-style as the page resized.

The site also made use of dynamically-rendered text, and load-optimised images depending on user’s current window size.

Unfortunately, the site never went live, but as a piece of software engineering, it’s something I was extremely proud of.


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