Better FastMail

UX & UI improvements to the FastMail web client


The FastMail web client is fantastic, but has a few UX/UI quirks that could be improved:


Better UI


  • Nesting indentation is more obvious


  • Blockquote styling has been reset so indents look like indents (and not quoted replies)

Main Menu

  • Switch users directly from the main menu dropdown

Better shortcuts

Note that Mod (short for “modifier”) is Cmd on Mac and Ctrl on PC

List navigation

  • Up - Previous item
  • Down - Next item
  • Backspace - Delete item

List selection

  • Shift+Up/Down - Expand/contract selection
  • Space - Toggle item selection
  • Escape - Cancel selection


  • Mod+Up - Archive mail item and read previous
  • Mod+Down - Archive mail item and read next


  • Alt+Up - Previous folder
  • Alt+Down - Next folder
  • Alt+Left - Close folder
  • Alt+Right - Open folder


  • Tab - Indent blockquote / list item
  • Shift+Tab - Outdent blockquote / list item

Main menu

  • Mod+Click “Switch Users” - add new user
  • Click new user - switch to user
  • Mod+Click new user - delete user


Visit the Better FastMail (opens new window) page on the Chrome Web Store (opens new window) then click the “Add to Chrome” button.

You will need to reload any loaded FastMail webmail client pages after installation.


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