Control Space

Browser tab / workflow manager


Browse, organise, search or switch tabs with one simple shortcut Whether you’re a “tab hoarder” or “tab hater” Control Space will help you get more done.

It uses a Kanban-style board to arrange windows and tabs so you can get quick access to everything or anything, accessible from any browser window via the shortcut Ctrl + Space:




  • Type to filter, find or search for any open or closed tab, or previously-visited site
  • Recent Tabs let you browse and navigate to previous tabs in the order you accessed them
  • History integration means a single search shows open or closed tabs


  • Reorder tabs and windows, move them, navigate to them or close them
  • Name and order windows to make organisational groups
  • Select multiple tabs then drag and drop them where you like


  • Full keyboard navigation means you rarely need to take your hands off the keyboard
  • Shortcut keys for almost everything make navigation a snap
  • Context menus put relevant functionality right where you expect it


  • Tab titles and website URLs are optimised to make them easy to read
  • If you’ve audio playing, you’ll see which tab is playing it
  • If you’ve notifications, you’ll see those too


  • Copy URLs from tabs, windows, or the entire workspace
  • Drag and drop documents or text containing URLs to open them in tabs
  • Save memory by sending tabs or entire windows to sleep, and wake them later

Everything about Control Space has been tuned to make it easy to manage your tabs and make you more productive at work, at home, on the road.

There are even more exciting new features in the pipeline and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Control Space is currently invite only, but you can sign-up here (opens new window).


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