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Got Paper?

A cheeky app to calculate your toilet paper requirements


Got Paper (opens new window) is a mobile and desktop app to calculate personal toilet roll usage.

It was created in response to the panic-buying situation that characterised the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.

The application was initially developed in 9 hours, then released within 24 hours on social media. It spread rapidly in round the world with 150K users in the first week, was featured (opens new window) in national and international press, and translated (opens new window) into 12 languages.

After having mainly accomplished its goal of both raising awareness and providing a useful tool, it has now been Open Sourced (opens new window) so others may either use the codebase as a foundation to develop additional applications quickly, or simply as a learning resource.

See the live site for the full back story (opens new window).


It was particularly pleasing to see Daily Mail readers so engaged (opens new window) (or should be enraged?):

How stupid
Turnip King, Brisbane, Australia
Does it have a diarrhea mode?
Jhphoto1, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Unbelievable waste of time
Turnip King, Brisbane, Australia
Who only uses 3 sheets to wipe your backside? I use more than that for sure.
Wobbly jelly tits, Birmingham, United Kingdom


It was amazing to get so many translations for the app.

Thank you to all the volunteer translators from around the world!

Product Hunt

Got Paper is available on Product Hunt:

The Great Suspender Recovery Tool - Recover your lost Great Suspender tabs | Product Hunt


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