Clear Bank

Development of internal banking systems and tooling


Clear Bank is the UK’s first clearing bank for 250 years, built on a modern digital platform running on Microsoft Azure.

I worked in the Front End team creating and maintaining internal banking systems and tooling.

We worked in 2-week agile sprints building upcoming features, with requirements making their way down from product owners to UX in the weeks before, then eventually to squads of 1 project manager, 4 or 5 backend developers, and 1 frontend developer to estimate, build, test, deploy and bug-fix.

Working in an operation that big and moving that fast was really interesting. Not all positive * (opens new window) but some very capable people, good working relationships, and some meaty technical challenges.


The system was a monolithic and massive Vue JS web app, written in TypeScript, running Axios, Vuex and Element UI. To be honest, I didn’t know it was possible to build web apps this big until I’d seen it compiling and running myself!


Being a bank, I can’t share specifics or screenshots of anything I worked on, but I do plan to blog about some of the strategies and approaches I developed there or shortly after, at some point soon:

  • Strategies to modularise large codebases
  • Data sync on deeply nested structures
  • Moving from stores to services


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