Sentiance Journeys


Sentiance is a data science firm that turns mobile phone sensor data into behavioural insights.

Their “Journeys” app is a data gathering and demo application which automatically creates and visualises behavioral profiles based on activity patterns throughout the day.

I joined the team in Belgium remotely, to help them build out application features.


The application is a Vue JS (opens new window) SPA, built using Bulma (opens new window) and D3JS (opens new window), and powered by a Graph QL back end.


It’s a while since I looked this project, but I remember I was lucky enough to work with Jiri Crispeyn (opens new window) who not only knew the system very well, but was an absolute gun and gave me a great introduction to Bulma and D3JS.

I spent my time building new components, finding and fixing bugs, but also significant effort refactoring and implementing a more scalable architecture having spent the previous couple of years working at Clear Bank and FairSquare.