Web and mobile app to track, manage and discuss NFT collections


Metalink was a Web3 (opens new window) startup operating in the NFT (opens new window) space.

Their main product was a web app that enables NFT owners to keep their finger on the NFT pulse with floor price tracking, portfolio valuation, in app chat, announcements and more.


I joined Metalink to work on their reasonably mature Vue app (built primarily by React developers using Ant Fu’s Vitesse (opens new window) framework) with a remit to bring my deep Vue and architectural knowledge to scale the product could scale going forwards.

The work was split between refactoring, prototyping, feature development including close to real-time charting of portfolio data, error correction, cross-platform (Vue 3 and React Native) caching and rendering techniques, a little React Native / Recoil development, as well as supporting and mentoring our small frontend team.

mobile app


It was an interesting almost-year with MetaLink, getting to know NFTs, the Web 3 and Blockchain world, learn a little about smart contracts, NFT speculation, HODL, and the “we’re all gonna make it” spirit.

Ultimately, it seems that AI ate NFTs’ lunch, and the attention shifted elsewhere, but it was a great experience working with a varied, remote team with vision, funding and lofty goals.


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