Application Extensions


Extending applications took a bit more work than web frameworks but was extremely rewarding.


After Effects

Adobe After Effects (opens new window) is the backbone of many a small animation studio. I was an experienced After Effects scripter and wrote various tools to link 3dsmax and After Effects:

  • After Effects Tracker
    Export 3dsmax objects’ tracking data (4-corner pin, 2 point track, position) directly to After Effects


Komodo IDE (opens new window) used to be my IDE of choice. I wrote a couple of fairly advanced extensions in JavaScript and XUL:

  • Komodo xJSFL
    Komodo extension that supports the JSFL language and xJSFL framework
  • Komodo AutoCode
    Adds some extra functionality to Komodo IDE, that makes it easier to write code

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office (opens new window) is simply the default on most Windows PCs. I wrote tools in VBA 6 as and when I needed them:

  • Outlook Rules Manager
    Outlook add-on to bulk-manage adding and removing parameters to Outlook Rules sets
  • Excel Data Exporter
    Excel add-in to manage, export, and combine data to a variety of programmer-friendly formats
  • Excel export delimited text macro
    Export Tab-delimited text from Excel