Previous side projects

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a side project! Here are some of the best hits and misses from over the years.

Personal projects

Apps, experiments and investigations

Balham Night

Social networking & mapping experiment

Open Source Project Map

Tube map inspired exploration of my personal and open source projects


Twitter mash-up, winning 3rd place at the Digital Sizzle Art Hack 2013

Bill Bunny

Bill management application for flat sharers


Experiment in time and visual numerical/temporal-patterns

Angry Tennis Birds

Creative hack to spice up broadcast tennis to the squawks of Angry Birds

Tools & frameworks

Larger, self-contained tools, mainly for developers

Laravel Sketchpad

Browser-based development playground for your Laravel site


MVC theme framework for Wordpress


Online editor to manipulate and generate text, code and data

Pocket God Tools

Level editing toolkit for iOS game Pocket God, created with xJSFL


JSFL framework to create tools for the Flash authoring environment

Open Source

Ongoing Open Source releases for various software packages

Web framework plugins

A wide variety of plugins for various JS and PHP frameworks

Application Extensions

Various extensions for native Windows applications

3dsmax plugins

An extensive collection of plugins and scripts for 3dsmax