Web framework plugins

A wide variety of plugins for various JS and PHP frameworks


Before specialising in Vue JS, I wrote a wide variety of plugins and extensions for a variety of JavaScript and PHP frameworks.

Most of this code is no longer relevant as older frameworks have been superseded by newer ones, and as I don’t want to clog up this site unnecessary detail, here’s just a summary of what once was.

You can see them in my old site here (opens new window) or browse below…



jQuery (opens new window) was the glue that held interactive websites together whilst browser manufacturers refused to agree on open standards and released incompatible document object models.

I wrote a wide variety of jQuery plugins in my everyday work from mid to late 2000s.

  • jQuery ThreeSixty
    Mobile-ready, 360-degree image preview plugin
  • jQuery Log
    Logs properties and debugging information about the current jQuery collection
  • jQuery Placeholder
    Provides HTML5 placeholder functionality for IE9 and below
  • jQuery HashSync
    Provides functionality to synchronise page content with the current URL hash
  • jQuery TabSize
    Provides consistent visual tab sizes across browsers for code views
  • jQuery Lorem
    Populates elements with sample Latin text
  • jQuery Hierarchy
    jQuery plugin to manage and filter a hierarchy of elements
  • jQuery Highlight
    Highlight a form field’s parent tag (or any other selector) as you tab into it.
  • jQuery Populate
    Populate a form or an element’s child elements using a JSON object.


Vanailla Forum (opens new window) is a simple but effective forum platform.

I wrote various plugins whilst developing xJSFL to make my own use of the forum easier:

  • Vanilla SimpleMCE
    A version of TinyMCE that requires minimal configuration but provides ample options
  • Vanilla Category Buttons
    A more visual alternative to the default Categories dropdown that ships with Vanilla
  • Vanilla Restore Draft
    A more user-friendly implementation of Vanilla’s default “draft” functionality


Greensock (opens new window) animation platform is still one of the most developer-friendly and best performing animation options out there.

I wrote a couple of frameworks to get even more out of the platform:

  • GSAP Scene Manager
    JavaScript framework to enable easy set-up and management of “story-style” animations
  • GSAP Controller
    Animation controller for the GreenSock Animation Platform



Kohana (opens new window) was a PHP framework that found popularity after CodeIgniter waned and before Laravel stole the show:

I wrote a variety of Kohana 2.2 modules between 2006 and 2008:

  • Kohana Downloader
    A zip-and-download helper for directories
  • Kohana AutoView
    Maps method-less URLs to corresponding views
  • Kohana Nav
    A complete package to automatically configure, build and style all kinds of menus and site navigation
  • Kohana HTML Table
    Powerful library to build HTML table elements from database results
  • Kohana Mailer
    Powerful HTML to email module that takes the pain out of emailing
  • Kohana Stats
    Developer-centric module that records and displays benchmark results
  • Kohana Librarian
    Enables the grouping of related classes under subfolders for easier management and autoloading
  • Kohana: Default controller for serving static pages
    Save development time by routing un-routable content to default views
  • Kohana FileSystem helper
    A robust helper to handle everything file and folder-related within Kohana


WordPress (opens new window). Say no more.

  • WordPress Flexible Configuration
    Flexible array-based configuration for WordPress sites that need to run on a variety of hosts simultaneously
  • WordPress Page Redirect template
    Have any page in the Wordpress “Pages” list invisibly redirect to a static page or other url


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