I'm Dave,

A London-based web developer currently building Control Space.

I pride myself on a tight mix of technical and creative with a passion for product, innovation and experimentation :

Control Space
Todo Emojis
Got Paper

My commercial work is primarily enterprise web apps after years of agency sites and before that titles animation.

Here's a random selection (click to change) :


Greenfield build of car finance and sales platform


Online editor to manipulate and generate text, code and data

3dsmax plugins

An extensive collection of plugins and scripts for 3dsmax

Rise As One

Front end development for Rise as One World Cup campaign

Pocket God Tools

Level editing toolkit for iOS game Pocket God, created with xJSFL

Why rocks, pebbles, sand is a productivity trap

Doing the big stuff first can set you up for failure; here's how you should structure your day instead

And I’ve recently resumed writing so you can look forward to clear, researched and actionable thinking.

You can also search the site or check my bio.