Finsbury is a global PR firm based in London and New York specialising in financial services clients.

As part of their work for clients, they send daily and sometimes hourly news briefings using the Dow Jones Factiva (opens new window) service. The service has many advanced features and a complex UI which although powerful, is cumbersome for this daily workflow.

Working Studio Overberg (opens new window) we created a lightweight Factiva client, enabling the team to more-quickly curate and send aggregated news bulletins.



The application is a Nuxt JS (opens new window) build with a custom Express JS (opens new window) back end, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Back end

There are three main search functions, all routed via the local API:

The main units of work were:

  • building the local API on top of Express which could provide a common interface to all data

  • learning and working with the legacy Factiva SOAP API and refactoring initial prototype code

  • learning the elastic syntax and querying the datastore

Front end

This ended up being one of those classic project which had hidden layers of complexity.

We worked closely with both the end users and Finsbury’s Principle Data Scientists to engineer the correct search criteria, ultimetely delivering a simple but effective end-user search experience.

One of the most enjoyable bits of the project was creating a minimal UI to match the company’s site. Here’s our version of Vue MultiSelect (opens new window) with some tight styling and boolean search options: